Sunday, 22 February 2009

Eberle Street Liverpool

Do you know the origin of Eberle Street off Dale Street. My family name is Eberle and my Grandparents lived in Liverpool so I am wondering whether there is a family link


John Eberle


  1. Eberle Street was named after the Town`s cook in the 18th C. Mr. Eberle owned two hotels in Dale Street and was responsible for undertaking civic catering at the Town Hall situated only 100 yards down Dale Street, towards the river Mersey. Cook Street off Castle Street was were the Town`s kitchen was situated.

    Rob Ainsworth
    Webmaster/Programme Secretary
    Liverpool History Society

  2. On Eberle St is a remnant of WW2, painted on the wall is a sign "EMERGENCY EXIT from air raid shelter"

  3. I have an old oil painting signed "Nellie Eberle."
    Is there a family connection with the Eberle Street in Liverpool.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.