Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Mersey Tunnel

Dear Liverpool History Society,
I believe the Mersey Tunnel was once lined in glass is this true?
Wendy Miller



  1. Hello Wendy,
    when the Mersey Tunnel was completed in 1934 the walls of the tunnel were lined in 8mm black plate glass. Following complaints from motorists that car headlights seemed to be appearing from the walls at the many turns and twists in the tunnel all the plate black glass was removed. The sections of glass were cut into 6 inch blocks and engraved then sold as souvenirs to the public for 5 shillings. If you do the tour of the Mersey Tunnel ventilation shaft building in the Strand you will see in the basement area pieces of black broken glass. These are the remains of the glass wall cladding.

    Rob Ainsworth
    Webmaster/Programme Secretary
    Liverpool History Society

  2. Can anyone tell me if a person called David Owen was in any way connected with the design and/or construction of the Mersey Tunnel

    Bob Evans