Friday, 24 April 2009

New book on the history and archaeology of Lancashire

Dear Sir/Madam,

I thought that you, and your members, may be interested in a new book that I have written on the history and archaeology of Lancashire (based on the County Palatine, and therefore including Liverpool/Merseyside and also the Wirral) and surrounding area because it deals with the area around Liverpool in particular. I am originally from the local area but now work as an archaeologist, based at Cambridge University, and have had the help of many local people over the years when carrying out research. Many of the objects that I write about are to be found in the Liverpool Museums.

The book is the product of a number of years of research into the historymand archaeology of the local area. In particular it considers the early history and archaeology of the coast from the Wirral round to Formby, beginning with the first hunter-gatherer groups in the Mesolithic and then the first clearance of the forests (using new pollen evidence). The book also includes evidence for the local prehistoric sites including the Calderstones, with new data and interpretations of the site. Also of interest are 30 new AMS radiocarbon datesfrom the burials of the early Bronze Age, including burials from Wavertree, which give new insights intomthe changing burial practices through the late Neolthic and early Bronze Age. I also include new osteological evidence based on studies of the cremated bone from which, in some cases, it has been possible to determine the sex/age of the person buried. This evidence sheds new light on
associations between burial goods and the sex/age of the person buried.

The book will be of interest to anyone living in and around Liverpool who has an interest in local history and archaeology, and I would be grateful if you could let your members know about it, possibly by forwarding thisn e-mail to your membership list or mentioning it on your website.

If you are interested the book, which costs £19.99 can be obtained on-line through Amazon, from local bookshops or I can arrange to supply a copy if people send me a cheque.

The details of the book are as follows:

Prehistoric Lancashire
David Barrowclough
History Press (formerly Tempus Books)
ISBN 9780752447087

Many thanks!

Yours faithfully,


Dr David Barrowclough
Fellow in Archaeology
Wolfson College
University of Cambridge

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