Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Ray and Miles, of London Road


I was hoping to post this query on your blog, but can’t seem to work out how to do it, so am hoping it might be possible to do it via this email!

I am trying to find out more about a cabinet making firm called Ray and Miles, of London Road, Liverpool. I’ve contacted the LRO and they don’t have any company records, nor can I find them via A2A.

I am hoping you might have someone in your membership who would know more about them or might be interested in talking to me.

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  1. The R&M building is still standing in London Rd the next block up from the Picture House Bar. You can still see their intials and Liverbirds above the first floor windows. Hopefully someone in our membership may be able to help you.

    Webmaster/Programme Secretary
    Liverpool History Society

  2. I have a Queen Anne Gateleg table from Ray and Miles and would also like to find out more about them. Can anyone help me? By the way, I live in San Jose, CA Deborah

  3. According to "Well, I Never Noticed That - Part Two" by Andrew F. Richardson, the branch at 34-38 London Road was an amalgmation of several previous branches at Parker St (the original branch), Church St and Bold St. It was felt that parking would be easier on London Rd. They designed the green and gold art-deco tollbooths for the Mersey Tunnel. They apparently merged in 1959 with the London firm Maples.
    Julie Kershaw

  4. i am interested if anybody knows who the founders of ray & miles were i have been told i am related to the miles, but do not know how

  5. Tonytyrer@yahoo.comFebruary 20, 2010 3:31 pm

    A piece of trivia re: Ray and Miles- Basil Rathbone, who played Sherlock Holmes so memorably in the iconic series of Hollywood films made just before and during the war had been one of their salesmen-possibly he had a family connection.

    Maples did indeed swallow them up. I remember it happening, when I was a pupil at the Liverpool Institute- I used to pass the store on the way to school. That would date it between 1961 and 69ish

  6. I have a Ray & Miles sideboard - was in a house that we used to own in Altrincham, Cheshire. We are trying to find out if it is worth anything - any ideas? We got some useful information about the firm from the Liverpool History Society some years ago.

  7. Excellent information provided by this blog.

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  8. I have a Ray and Miles sideboard in heavy dark oak with 3 compartments with arches on the doors. the model no is 2301. Elsewhere on the cupboard is a label saying Ercol. I am also trying to find out about its history and would be grateful if anyone has any information.

  9. There's a picture of the shop in 1954 (with the name in applied lettering down the side projection) here

  10. I have a carver chair made by Ray and Miles, circa 1920, a copy of a Victorian style. Original seat was made of rexene, but has since been replaced with a leather covering. Back is made of woven basket work. It was part of a set of six dining room chairs owned by my great aunt and uncle, but the other chairs have gone elsewhere. It was one of the other chairs that had the Ray and Miles label on it, which is why I know who made it. My great uncle bought them all in an auction in West Kirby circa 1962. I well remember seeing the Ray and Miles sign on the premises in London Road. The sign was there until the early 1970s, but I don't know if the company was still trading by that time.

  11. I have, just this week, purchased an arts and crafts style edwardian oak two seater sofa from an auction house. Would love to know When Ray and Miles started their business and if they ever produced any bergere style furniture.