Monday, 18 May 2009

Lower Breck House

Hi from Canada:
I have been researching for years trying to find the institution my Father was placed in, at the age of five,
after the death of his Mother. I have finally found him and his sister in 1911 living at a "charitable institution" located at 14 Lower Breck Road.
I am most interested in finding out any history about this
institution and if any records are available.
I have been reading about Lower Breck House, and am wondering if this could have been the institution where they lived. My Father stayed there till he was eighteen, then sent to Canada with Salvation Army Immigrant Children in 1924.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
Gloria (Rae) Packman
Saskatchewan, Canada.

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  1. Hello Gloria
    I have found my mother's cousin living at 14 Lower Breck Road Liverpool 6 on the 1911 Census. Her name is ALICE WOODSIDE. I can see two 2 RAE children on the Census who are probably your relatives. I am interested to find out what kind of home it was. I have been unable to trace her mother MARGARET ANN GALLOWAY but Margaret's husband HENRY GALLOWAY appears to be in Walton Workhouse in 1911. MARGARET GALLOWAY didn't die until 1929.
    I traced the Head of the Home back through the Census's and found he was a Primitive Methodist Lay Preacher.
    Have you found out any more about this home?
    Pat Berry in Australia (