Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Mill Road Infirmary

My Father, 208065 Private John Lee of the Royal West Surrey Regiment was wounded at the age of 17 yrs at Albert,France on the 28th August 1917. After being treated for his wounds in France, he was then sent to The Mill Road infirmary, Woolton, Liverpool where he stayed until February 1919 when he was discharged from the Army.
On the Documents that i have The Mill Road Infimary was then a Part of the Liverpool Convalescent Institute Group.
What i would like to know is the infirmary still there ??? I have in my possesion a photo of my father along with other Soldiers and Nursing Staff who cared for him whilst he was there .

Bill Lee


  1. Hello Bill,

    Mill Road Hospital was built by the West Derby Union Board of Guardians as a workhouse for the sick poor. By 1891 it had been renamed Mill Road Infirmary. It remained a general hospital until the Second World War. The only major addition to the original institution was a new outpatients department which was built in 1938.
    Mill Road infirmary operating department operating department in 1925

    During the Second World War the hospital was very badly damaged by air raids. In 1941 patients had to be transferred to Broadgreen Hospital where 610 beds were made available for Mill Road patients. Fortunately the new outpatient block was not damaged. When the war ended there was a debate about whether or not the hospital should be rebuilt. When it did finally reopen in June 1947, it was not as a general hospital but as a specialist maternity hospital. In November 1993 the main part of the hospital was closed. Eventually the hospital was replaced by a larger maternity hospital in Toxteth, which opened in 1995: the new Liverpool Women's Hospital.


    Rob Ainsworth

    Liverpool History Society

  2. mill road infirmary was 147 west derby road everton. it was later a maternity hospital but closed in november 1993. the building is still there but what it is used for now i do not know :)

  3. its a housing estate now has been since the hospital was knock down