Sunday, 25 October 2009

Information required on Sgt Thomas Leonard Lever from Wavertree


Can you help me or at least point me to someone who may be able to?

I have been researching the crash of Wellington bomber T2905 in Bristol on 30th April 1941 and have produced a website about the crash. My grandfather, Charles John Clarke, was the front gunner and died in the crash. Two of the other five crew died in the crash and I have been trying to trace any of their surviving relatives. One of them, Sgt Thomas Leonard Lever, according to the RAF was from Wavertree. All I know about him is from his gravestone (see photo below), which is in Toxteth Park Cemetary (Sec. 8. Cons. Grave 671) . I also have a photo of him (see below).


John Clarke


  1. I have just searched the 1911 census for Thomas and Margaret Lever and found only one result that could be them. It has them as Thomas William and Margaret Hannah Lever, living at 34 Portswood Street, West Derby, Liverpool. It has them as having a 4yr old son named John.

    Can anyone help me find the Lever family?

  2. Hello John,

    there is no Portswood Street in Liverpool or West Derby, however there is a Portwood Street in Liverpool 7 and more than likely the street mentioned in the 1911 cenus.

    Please see map I have uploaded.

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  3. Hello John,

    BTW Portwood Street no longer exists.




  4. More information:-

    I have found 3 of the children buried in the grave in the Toxteth Park Cemetery records and this confirms the 1911 Census address of Portwood Street and therefore the existance of an older brother, John Lever.

    I have also been sent 2 entries from the Liverpool Echo for 1941 that give an address of 47 Mimosa Road L15 for the Lever family and confirm the father's middle initial of 'W'.

  5. We might not have a link, just a curious co-incidence. My Aunty, before her marriage her name was Ann Berry, died a few months back. All her daughters knew about her origin is that Aunty's father died in WWI. My Aunty was illegitimate. Her middle name was Lever, a very unusual choice for a forename, and all the records I have researched show that the only Lever to have died in WWI from Liverpool, at about Aunty Ann's age was Tom P Lever.
    Thomas P Lever's address in Aigburth Liverpool is less than two miles from where my Aunty was born and bred (Solway Street, Toxteth). My father was Aunty's half brother, and I personally have no blood link to Tom Lever, but perhaps my cousins have. I know it's unlikely that you'll have any records to show a link, but maybe you've heard of a family rumour?