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Alan Hanckel

Dear Rob of  Liverpool History Society,

I am researching a fellow American, Alan Hanckel who died in Liverpool at the turn of the 1900`s.  I am particularly interested in the location of his grave.  I would be grateful for any assistance you may be able to provide.

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Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Grave of  Alan Hanckel in need of repair

An employee of Fraser Trenholm originally from South Carolina. Hanckel acted as a representative of James Bulloch on occasions when Bulloch was unavailable. He was onboard the Trent during the boarding and witnessed the events that took place. Hanckel carried papers for the South to England, including the papers the diplomats were carrying on the Trent.

. Hanckel was used as a nominal owner of ships including the Bermuda, which carried a huge amount of war supplies to the South.


  1. Hello Louise,

    how could I refuse such an interesting request as yours.

    Alan Stuart Hanckel was born in 1837 in Charleston,South Carolina. He married a lady called Charlotte Heyward, but sadly, she died in 1860 He moved to Liverpool to work in the Fraser, Trenholm offices, along with Charles K. Prioleau, also from Charleston.

    When George Trenholm decided to test the Federal blockade of the Southern ports and prove them to be ineffectual, he selected Alan Stuart Hanckel as a ‘named’ owner of one of three ships, which Trenholm used to test the blockade.

    The use of different people as owners of these vessels was to try to fool the American consul in Liverpool who was doing his best to interfere with the operations of the Confederates in England, and especially those in Liverpool. Henceforth, Hanckel acted as an agent for the Trenholm business travelling between Liverpool and the Southern ports, and it was as he was rerturning to England from one such trip that a most famous incident occurred, and about which very little has been said of Hanckel`s involvement.

    Hanckel had also acted on behalf of James D. Bulloch.

    Hanckel moved around and lived in various places,
    Wavertree, at a house which he named Chicora after a Confederate blockade runner.

    He also lived at 4 Derwent Square, Stoneycroft, at Pel Hill, Cronton before moving to Formby near Liverpool where he died at The Roselands, Liverpool Road, Formby on the 4th May 1894. Hanckel married Susan Marion Woods, who died whilst they were living in Cronton. Her name is however, recorded on the gravestone in Wavertree.

    The probate record shows

    Alan Stuart Hackel, of the Roselands, Liverpool Road, Formby, Lancashire, gentleman died 4th May 1894.

    Re-sworn August 1901, £8,981/13/6
    Alan Stuart Hanckel is buried in Holy Trinity churchyard, behind the church itself. The grave is in need of repair and restoration.

    I hope you find this is of some assistance to you,


    Rob Ainsworth

    Programme Secretary & Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society

  2. Alan Stuart Hanckel's grave has fallen into disrepair but Liverpool members of the ACWRT are trying to raise money for the headstone to be repaired. You can find more information about Hanckel and pictures of his homes which are still standing in "Cruisers, Cotton and Confederates" a book by John Hussey on the Confederacy in Liverpool available from

  3. The grave of Alan Stuart Hanckel is in a poor condition but members of the Liverpool branch of the ACWRT are trying to fund a new headstone. The grave of James Dunwoody Bulloch was recently restored by the same people. For more on Alan Stuart Hanckel and the Confederacy in Liverpool read "Cruisers, Cotton and Confederates" by John Hussey available at

  4. Came across this infomation about my greatgrandfather Alan Stuart very interesting. Yours Thomas Stuart Thornton. Alderney, Channel Islands, GY9 3TT

  5. Dear Thomas,
    I am assisting a project to restore your relative`s grave and would be grateful if you could please contact me.


    Rob Ainsworth