Thursday, 19 November 2009

Mossley Hill Hospital

Hello there

I am doing some family history and I have a relative (my great grandfather) who died and was buried at the Ministry of pensions hospital, on Park avenue in 1930
I have done some research  and have found that the hospital is now known as Mossley Hill
I was wondering who would be best to contact regarding my relative? Are there any graves in that area?
John Bishop

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  1. Hello John,

    I do not know whether there is a grave yard in the hospital. What date did your relative die?

    The two nearest cemeteries are Toxteth and Allerton. Allerton dates from around 1904 and Toxteth from the mid 1840s. If your relative died after 1904 then Allerton would be the most probable cemetery. You can contact Allerton and check the burials register.


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