Thursday, 24 December 2009

Carson Street or St Tudno View

To Liverpool History Society

I'm using this email as my browser can't find your website today. Please pass my enquiry to the right person.

What is known about St Tudno View, off Everton Terrace? It appears in the  1871-1891 censuses, but not by name in 1901. I've seen a 1930s map which shows the area between Netherfield Road South and Everton Terrace turned  into a recreation ground.

I'd be interested if there are any known directory entries or photographs of either Carson Street or St Tudno View, but I get the impression that they had both become slums by the 1890s.

Many thanks
 Philip Hillyer


  1. Hello Phillip,

    Carson Street is lower down from Netherfield Road South, off Prince Edwin Street running towards Roscommon Street. Searching the few directories available to me, St Trudno View or Carson St were not listed in 1825 or 1894 although there is one in Bootle. Carson Street Appears in 1900 directory but there is no street listing this edition.

    Rob Ainsworth
    Programme Secretary & Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society

  2. Carson Street exsisted up until the 1960's. It ran from Roscommon St to Coenwall St.

  3. My great grandfather was living in Tudno View off Everton Terrace on the1901 census and my mum was born there in 1906

    Marie Borland