Thursday, 17 December 2009

Jet of Lada

Hi Rob,

I enjoyed your reply on Calderstomes but do you know about the memorial to the dog that is located in Calderstones.

Regards Sylvia
Courtesey of Euronews

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  1. Hello Sylvia,

    Jet was a rescue dog from Liverpool who was awarded a bravery medal for war service. He went to the 'War Dog School' in Gloucester from the age of nine months and was first stationed in Northern Ireland. Jet of Iada, was a German Shepherd Dog who became the world’s first wartime search & rescue dog with a natural instinct for ‘scenting’ victims buried amongst the rubble of a bomb-destroyed building, an instinct that was to save the lives of many people.

    Whilst other dogs were trained dogs to carry first aid to wounded soldiers trapped in no-man’s land, carting ammunition, running messages and laying land lines etc, Jet showed his potential and from this the search and rescue of trapped victims in blitzed buildings was born. Jet was awarded the Dickin Medal (war time equivalent of the VC)

    There is a memorial to Jet in Calderstones Park, Liverpool where he is buried.

    Rob Ainsworth

    Liverpool History Society