Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Litherland Davies and Co

I have this wall clock inscribed Litherland Davies & Co, 13 inch convex dial, double chain fusee.
overall height 36 inch.
I understand Litherland Davies were retailers, is their any way of attributing the clock to a known Liverpool maker?

A Rigg


  1. Hello,

    with clocks there is usually a maker`s mark on the clock framework accessible via the back. Although sometimes the only mark will be either a serial or model number. Hopefully some of our members may be able to assist further.


    Rob Ainsworth
    Liverpool History Society

  2. Litherland, Davies & C0. took over from Litherland, Whiteside and Co. in 1816. they were at Brownlow Hill in 1816, Church St. 1816-34 & Bold St from 1832 - 77. Several members of the Litherland family were engaged in making chronometers and also rack lever watches during the early years of the 19th century. Peter Litherland being one of the best known of these. Litherland & Davies did import clocks from Paris during the 19th century and William Litherland had an establishment in Paris c. 1870.

  3. Was there any connection between Litherland Davies and co, and Litherlands the high class china and crockery merchants?