Saturday, 20 March 2010

Submarine Sunk in Liverpool Bay

Whilst recently searching through newspapers from 1939, I came by chance upon the drama of the submarine sunk in Liverpool Bay with the loss of 80 men.  
Maybe I missed it, but I can find no links on your website.
Best wishes for the future development of your excellent site.
David Harding 


  1. Hello David,

    the submarine was HMS Thetis. There are a number of links on our web links page: See the titles of them below and go to the Liverpool History Society web site to access them.

    HMS Thetis (N25)
    HM Submarine Thetis
    Tragic Loss of HMS Submarine

    We also have a talk tomorrow on the Thetis at Hope University: See Talks


    Rob Ainsworth,
    Liverpool History Society.

  2. HMS Thetis (N25) was a Group 1 T-class submarine of the Royal Navy which served under two names. Under her first identity, HMS Thetis, she commenced sea trials on 4 March 1939. She sank during trials on 1 June 1939 with the loss of 99 lives. She was salvaged, repaired and recommissioned as HMS Thunderbolt serving in the Atlantic and Mediterranean theatres until she was lost with all hands on 14 March 1943. This makes Thetis one of the few military vessels that have been lost twice with her crew in their service history, like the H. L. Hunley.


    Liverpool History Society