Saturday, 10 July 2010

Orphaned Children who were sent to Canada

I have been searching for several years for trace of two of these orphaned children who were sent to Canada. My grandmother was orphaned in 1886 and a brother and sister were shipped to Canada in May 1900. I have a copy of the passenger list. Records of what happened after they went to the "distributing house" in Ottawa are lost, but I am curious to know from where in Liverpool they were taken. It seems that the Catholic children on that ship were from "Father Berry's Homes" and there seems to be some connection with Brownlow Hill. I don't know where they were from their mother's death in 1886 to 1900. Would orphan children have been put in a workhouse, or would there have been Catholic orphanages? (I live in Canada and don't know this) They were "distributed" (don't you love the expression) according to their religion. Harder to trace the Catholic children, who were fewer I think.


  1. Correction -- orphaned in 1896!


  2. The Nugent Care Society In Edge Lane will be able to assist you with your enquiry. The children will have been admitted to Brownlow Hill wworkhouse and from there they will have been sent to Kirkdale Industrial School.

  3. Hi, my Grandfather Thomas E Horne was a Home Child sent to Canada by the Catholic Emigration Association in 1904 on "The Barvarian". I have no information where he was born or housed from time of Birth till arrival in Montreal.Are there any Birth Records available that I could access?