Saturday, 18 September 2010

1797 map of Liverpool

Dear Rob,
I recently purchased a 1797 map of Liverpool from EBay and although in fairly good condition I would like to know more about this map and hope you may have some information on the publisher or author.
I have enclosed a scan of the title section of the map.


  1. Hello Peter,

    I hope you did not pay too much for your Liverpool 1797 map as I think this is a well known counterfeit map. This edition is referred to as "The Counterfeit Plan". This is a version of Horwood`s plan of the town of Liverpool showing the date 1797. If you carefully study the area around London Road opposite the junction with Camden Street you will notice the Blind Asylum. This building nor the Union Newsroom in Duke Street were built by 1797 as they were both erected in 1800.

    I believe the first edition of the Strangers Guide or the Picture of Liverpool was published in 1805 and purchasers were offered a plan of the town reduced from Horwood`s. The plan was produced separately and a new considerably enlarged edition of the guide was produced in 1808 together with a plan of the town which was an updated version of the 1805 plan. Neither the 1805 nor the 1808 copy showed a date. At some time the printers plate used for the 1808 edition had the date 1797 added and this edition of the plan became known as the Counterfeit Plan.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad, but very interesting news and I also have a copy of this map.

    Rob Ainsworth

    Liverpool History Society.

  2. Hi Rob,
    thanks for the interesting reply. i did not pay too much for the map and happy to now own such a unusual counterfeit copy.