Saturday, 9 October 2010

Springfield Nursing Home

Very interesting site.
Can anyone help me with the location in the late 1940's of Springfield Nursing Home.
I think it was in the Alder Hey area.


  1. I think it was behind Alder Hey hospital on the site of Springfield Park off East Prescot Road. The US Army camped there during WW2

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  2. Thanks for that.
    I don't suppose there would any records anywhere would there?

  3. I was born at a Springfield Nursing Home in 1947 which I understand was in Newsham Drive. My Great Aunt delivered me. According to my late mother the children of well-to-do Liverpudlians were delivered there. However, there was a dark side. My G aunt and her doctor boyfriend also performed illegal terminations there. Amongst others the church sent Catholic girls over from Ireland. I'm told that at one time the wife of Dixie Dean was in giving birth and his girlfriend was in having a pregnancy terminated. The records of births must be safe somewhere. I would like to know more about the home myself