Sunday, 12 December 2010

Molton family Latimer St off Scotland Road

I am researching my family history and although there was a very large family on my mothers side I cannot find any of them.The name was Molton which was changed ti Molden in the early 1930s.

They had a pork butchers on Latimer st off Scotland Rd.John Molden was also a carter. I think they had about 14 children but they seeme to have vanished into thin air.I would be much obliged if any one can shed any light on the family.

Thank you


  1. Hello,

    where are you looking i.e. cenus and street directories are the best place to start. Also what information are you looking for.

  2. Demetrius said...

    In the 1901 Census there are two John Molton entries, both West Derby (Liverpool).

    One aged 58 a Bricksetter is at 39 Vicar (?) Road.

    The other, with a son, John aged 4, is at 526 Prescot Road, Sarah Ann is his wife. He is a Pork Butcher.

    There are several John Moulton entries.

  3. John and George moved to Oldam Lancs during the depression,

    Jim Molden I beleive moved to Australia after the second world war.

    Nellie Molden married Hugh Hanson, family still live in Ellesmere port