Sunday, 23 January 2011

8 Morris Street Everton


I have been searching for a LIVERPOOL/EVERTON street location for several years now, all part of my family history research. My great great grandmother was the product of an American Sea Captain and a Liverpudlian lady, when she married she gave her address as 8 Morris Street, I am presuming this was in Everton as she married at the Parish church of St Emmanuel,Everton in 1874.

It would be wonderful just to find if anyone could pinpoint this street and even better if I could find out the name of the house residents at that time.


  1. Morris St was a cul de sac off Margaret St, Everton, close to the water tower, and was probably demolished as early as the 1930s as there was a post war secondary modern school on the site for many years. Liverpool Record Office (now based near Sandhills Station might have the odd photograph of it. It can be clearly seen on Lancashire sheet 106.11 of Godfrey's Old Ordnance Survey Maps series, a copy of which can be acquired via Waterstones or Smiths or online via The Godfrey Edition.

  2. PS You can find probably find residents of the house via the 1871 Census on the Ancestry website, which can be accessed free of charge in many libraries.