Sunday, 17 April 2011

Kirkdale Home, Liverpool South Hospital and St. Anne's District Hospital

I am looking for information on Kirkdale Home (home for the aged in early 20th century), Liverpool South hospital and St. Anne's district hospital (both hospitals in the mid to late 1850's) and would most appreciative for any information anyone may have. 

I am particularly interested in knowing how each of these institutions served the Liverpool community and where they were located, and if they still exist? 

Where can I find out more information on them and is there a repository that may hold the records of these three instiutions?

Thanks so much.

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    In 1904, the school closed and the site became Kirkdale Homes for the aged and infirm. Kirkdale Homes was taken over by West Derby Union in 1922 and then by Liverpool City Council in 1929. In 1948 it became jointly run by Liverpool City Council and the Regional Hospital Board. It changed its name to Westminster House Home for Elderly People in the early 1950s and finally closed in March 1968. The buildings have now been demolished.