Saturday, 11 June 2011

South Castle Street

Hello Liverpool History Society

While doing other research for a book I came across an address that puzzles me.

In a list of representatives of an insurance company, their names are listed along with their address. Please see below:

There is "35 Castle-street" and there is "11 South Castle-street"

I know that Castle-street would have been in the centre of Liverpool.  There is also a "11 south Castle-street" in Woolton.  I am trying to find out if it is possible that "11 South Castle-street" is possibly part of Castle Street in the centre of Liverpool, or is it indeed the street in Woolton?

I need some local experience to clear this up please. I have worked for many years with our local heritage society, but I live in Canada and hope that someone in Liverpool might be able to please assist with this question.

Thank you.

Stuart Stark


  1. Dear Stuart,

    South Castle-street was the continuation of Castle Street running South from Lord Street and Castle Street ran North from Lord Street.

    Caste Street ran from the Town Hall to Liverpool Castle later replaced by St Georges Church that was itself replaced around 1900 by the Victoria Monument.

    Please see the 1843 map that shows the street.


    Rob Ainsworth

    Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society
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  2. Hello Rob

    Thank you for this information! I would have gone off on the wrong track altogether, so I do appreciate it.

    The map is extremely helpful as well. This ability to ask questions of knowledgeable people is very appreciated when we live so far away, and cannot get to local archives. Thanks again.


    Stuart Stark

  3. Hi Stuart,
    A thing of note is that virtually every building south of Lord Street and Red Cross Street
    on that map was obliterated during the May Blitz in 1941

  4. There was a watch making premises in South Castle Street, run by Thomas Doodson a Victorian watchmaker. One of his pocket watches/chain is on ebay. A little bit of Liverpool history.