Tuesday, 23 August 2011

History of Sayers the Bakers

my parents worked for the Livepool bakers Sayers for many years and I would be very interested  in learning something about the history of the business.   I would be very grateful if you could please provide any information.


Ellen Herting


  1. Hello Ellen

    Fred and Lylian Sayer started selling the North West's finest baked products way back in 1912 and we today pride ourselves on continuing to deliver the same high standards of quality and service. That first shop in a basement kitchen still forms part of the of the Sayers chain and is now only one of the 158 places throughout the region where you can buy Sayers sandwiches, pies, savouries and cakes. Production moved from Fred and Lylian's first base in Prescot Road, Old Swan, to their second shop, in County Road, Walton in 1922.

    Such was the appetite for the Sayers range that it was only a few more years before the business again expanded in 1925, when a larger bakery in Aintree Road, Bootle, was opened.

    Six years later and the continued expansion of the company you know today as the Better Bakers meant another move, this time to a purpose-built baker in Lorenzo Drive, Norris Green.

    Sayers remained a family run business until 1977 when it was sold to United Biscuits, all the time retaining those same values.

    Another North West institution, Warburtons, bought Sayers in 1990, adding the company to the mix of family bakers it started buying after the Second World War, among them Sayers' sister bakery chain Hampsons. Other iconic north west names in the Warburtons estate were Burneys of Rochdale, Spinks of Sharston, Parkers of Eccles and Burtons of Blackpool. Warburtons sold its bakers storers to Lyndale Foods in 1996 and the following year the family was expanded further when the Annes Shops chain of shops were bought from Roberts Bakery in 1997.


    Rob Ainsworth

    Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society

    1. Mr Ainsworth neglects to mention that due to inept management Lyndale Foods and Sayers the Bakers went BANKRUPT in june 2008

    2. I have not a clue for the reason why Sayers folded I am not an ecconomist...idiot

  2. Hello Ellen,

    I don't know much about Sayers, but I did work at a Turners butchers shop when I left school in 1951 until 1953. The address of that shop was 25, Prescott Road, Liverpool. Further along was a Sayers shop, which would have been about 35, Prescott Road. I have looked on Google Maps and the Sayers shop still exists, but Turners is now replaced by Bargain Booze. You may wish to try contacting Sayers direct, or some of their shops for more information.

    Best of luck with your search.


  3. RE the idiot misinformation from Anonymous Jan 24, 2012 07:06 PM
    "Mr Ainsworth neglects to mention that due to inept management Lyndale Foods and Sayers the Bakers went BANKRUPT in june 2008"

    Sayers did not go bankrupt, they where bought out you F****** idiot Bull s******* pastie muncher