Sunday, 18 September 2011

Chapel/Church situated in Moss St

There was a chapel/church, situated in Moss St quite near the junction with London Road/Prescot Street.
It backed onto Epworth Street, where I lived as a child 1948-1957.

We knew it as the old Methodist building, and as kids did shortly after the war we used the place as a playground.

I remember finding Hymn books which were definitely not of the catholic type.  I also remember the building and yard being used for the storage of new (50′s) fireplaces. 

Frankie Vaughan lived over the road in Devon Street.
Brian Caulfield.

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  1. Hello Brian

    I think the Chapel your are refering to is the Brunswick Chapel. It was founded before 1807 and closed before 1963. The chapel was extended in 1932 /a newspaper article mentions “Centuries old memorials to some of the most revered nonconformist ministers in the history of Liverpool are shortly to be removed, with the remains”. They were to be transfered to the Anfield cemetery, and “The old church with its seating capacity of 1,200 is now in need of extension”.

    It appears that not all the remains were removed at this time as some were found during major building work in 2009. These were re-buried.

    The chapel was being used as a Warehouse by 1963, when it burned down on 29th May. The building ruins were demolished in 1964 by Gaskell & Chambers of Sheffield. On the 8th June 1964, Gaskell & Chambers of Sheffield placed a newspaper announcement stating that beginning August 12th 1964 all unclaimed, extant, remains on the site were to be removed for cremation prior to demolition of the what remained of the Chapel.

    Rob Ainsworth
    Liverpool History Society