Friday, 28 October 2011

108a Cazneau Street

I wonder if you can help me. While doing some genealogy I found one of my relatives living at the above address on the 1891 census, but it is a very strange entry. There are 70 men and 3 boys living at this address, but there appears to be no-one in charge (no head) and everyone seems to be of working age with many different jobs represented. It seems too small to be a workhouse. It seems to be more like a working man’s hostel. My relative is a married man away from his family at the time. Any ideas what it was?
I know most of Cazneau St. was demolished to make way for an interchange.
I have tried the Liverpool Records Office, but they cannot help, so I am hoping you can, and if not, can you suggest where I might try next?
Thank you
John Waller

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  1. Hello John,

    in the 1881 Kellys Directory 108 Cazneau Street is listed as William Millard, temperance hotel.

    In 1894 Kellys 108 Cazneau Street is listed as Samuel Osbourne cocoa rooms and would imagine the upper floors may have remained a hotel.

    Rob Ainsworth.
    Liverpool History Society