Monday, 30 January 2012

Botanic Beer Company

I have found a bottle washed up on the beach in southport its reads
Botanic beer co 

30 low hill


at the bottom of the bottle it has stamped FGO

Am intrested to know the history of the bottle anything about the brewry and value (not bothered if it not worth a penny)  The letters are embossed rather than impressed but its very "light" embossing


  1. I found an entry for the Botanic Beer Company (prop:Alex Smith) at 30 Low Hill in the Gores 1900 Alphabetical Directory.This location was between Phythian Street and Gloucester Place which, at that time adjoined Low Hill. The site today is occupied by new flats and Gilmartin Grove. An illustration of the company's bottles can be seen here:

  2. Dave

    I found a bottle in what used to be an old pond on Lower Road in Halewood, nearly 40yrs ago....when I was but a boy. My bottle is also from the same brewery but is green and looks identical to the bottle on the collectors page in the link. I couldn't find any details about the existence of the Botanic Beer Company other than thoses stated on the bottle itself I.e. 30 Low Hill Liverpool.
    Did you find any other info?