Sunday, 26 July 2009

Blackburne House

Dear Rob,

Do you know if Blackburne House Liverpool still exists?

I would be grateful if you could provide any information relating to its history.


New York State

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  1. Hello Jean,
    yes Blackburne House it still standing and is now Blackburne House Centre for Women.
    The house built for John Blackburne in 1785-1790. He was Mayor of Liverpool
    in 1788, and the building was originally a detached mansion situated in the countryside.

    In 1874, the original house was rebuilt and enlarged to house the Liverpool Institute High School for Girls, a companion to the already
    established Boys' School. It continued in this role for 110 years,turning out such as Edwina Currie. After remaining empty for some years,
    the school was extensively refurbished and reopened in 1994 as Blackburne House Centre for Women.


    Liverpool History Society