Sunday, 9 August 2009

Alhambra public house

Hi there
I'm not sure if I am sending my enquiry to the correct email address. If not, perhaps you would be kind enough to forward it the correct address.
I vaguely remember as a small child spending part of the war years in a public house down by Liverpool docks called the Alhambra. I can remember being told by my mother that we were there during the very heavy bombing raids on Liverpool, and use to take cover in the cellar !! The landlady at the time was Bessie Hatfield (or Worrall) who was my great Aunt. I think she was a widow who had two daughters living with her called Joan and Betty Worrall.
I would be really pleased to receive any historical information you may have in respect of this public house, and also whether or not it is still standing today.
Many thanks.
Gloria Woodman


  1. Hello Gloria,

    in Kellys Directory for 1900 there is the Royal Alhambra 64 Derby Road and Esk St Kirkdale. It is near Regent Street near the north docks.



    Liverpool History Society

  2. Hi Gloria,

    I know of this pub too. My mum Bridget Larkin was born there in 1936 while her parents Jack & Jessie Larkin ran it.

    The building still stands on Derby Rd, I think on the corner of Esk Street. It has been a pub for many years. The last business I remember there was a hydraulic tool hire shop.

    Would be interested in any discriptions of it. Mum left there when she was a baby.


  3. Hi Moira
    Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your message but I have only just started researching my family tree again after a long break and this has in turn brought me back to the Alhambra Pub in Liverpool.

    I am afraid I can't give you any more info on the pub other than what is contained in my original message. I do remember however that it stood on the corner of two streets and as you looked down one of the streets you could see the river at the bottom.

    If I do find any further information on it during my research I will publish it here.

    Gloria Woodman