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G/Day Rob
I will proceed to introduce my self,I am a fourth  generation Australian my name is Athol Coutman.  My great grandfather on my mothers side (Alfred John Baguley) migrated from Macclesfield arriving in Australia on the 29th march 1883. Joining the building of the railway from Bolivia nsw to the Queensland border. He then settled at Sandy Flat ,Some 12 miles south of Tenterfield. He was one of the Pioneering families to settle there.I have a lot of information about the Baguleys which has come from the Cheshire Historical society and a few churches in England.
But i am having a lot of trouble trying to track my Dads side of the Family (James Edward Coutman) he was born in Liverpool in1833 exact date not known.  He came to Australia in 1855,i dont know if this is correct or not.  Maybe another year or broke the journey.His Father in England was Benjamin Coutman born 1807 i think ,Mother unknown.  I dont  know how he got to Australia, maybe he swam .But the information.i have may not be accurate.  Rob is there anyplace in Liverpool that i could contact by e mmail that would have this information.  Rob is there any Coutmans listed in the local phone book.
I havent had any trouble with the Baguleys there ancestral home is Macclesfield and surrounding districts.  I have a lot of information from St Marys church at Bowdon. There is an effigy of Sir William Baguley in the church plus a lot of other information.  Sir William  i have tracked back to the 13th century.
 But the Coutmans are very hard to track ,So Rob if you could help in this matter it would be greatly appreciated.If you require any information about the Baguleys  I can forward it by a postal address
Thanking You
Kindess Regards
 Athol Coutman

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  1. Hello Athol,

    you appear to have done quite a lot of research into your family that I found very interesting.

    I checked the Liverpool telephone directory and can report there are no Coutman`s registered in the Liverpool area.

    Not being skilled in genealogy I can only suggest you try the SW Lancashire and Liverpool Family History Society who may be able to at least point you in the right direction or may be able to undertake some research for you. Their contact details are.

    Web Site

    Other useful link

    And the LHS family history link

    I did a search on Google and got quite a lot of Coutman family links using the "Coutman" search term.

    Best of luck in your research and I hope you re able to discover the missing links in your family tree.


    Rob Ainsworth

    Programme Secretary & Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society
    Web Site: