Friday, 2 April 2010

Liverpool Registrars building destroyed during the second world war

I am enquiring to ask if you have any record of the Liverpool Registrars building being destroyed during the second world war. My reason for asking is that I am trying to trace some family records regarding my wifes family who lived in Liverpool in the early to mid 1930's and have been totally unsucessful..It has occurred to me that if the records were destroyed during the war this would account for my inability to find them.
Mr Howard Haywood
44 Western Avenue

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  1. Hello Mr Hayward,

    I am not aware that the Registrars building was hit during WWII although I do know the Land Registry Building suffered damage and that a lot of land deeds were lost. You should contact the SW Lancashire and Liverpool Family History Society or Liverpool Record Office & Local History Service (Tel: 0151 233 5817) for further information and the LHS information page.

    Good luck


    Rob Ainsworth

    Programme Secretary & Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society