Saturday, 19 February 2011

Elbow Lane (Sweeting Street)

Hello Rob,

whilst researching my family history I came across a reference to Elbow Lane, Liverpool. After weeks of looking thorough many old maps I cannot locate the street. Do you know if it ever existed and where.
Peter Moos
Amsterdam, Nederland’s


  1. Dear Peter.

    Elbow Lane was the former name of Sweeting Street that runs from Dale Street to Castle Street at a right angle or like an elbow. The street was renamed after Alderman Thomas Sweeting who was Mayor of Liverpool in 1698 who in 1699was one of seven men who lent the corporation £600 towards their disastrous law suit concerning the town`s charter and dues on cheese and other goods.

    Sweeting street is the only remaining street entered t both ends by a covered archway and is the only street in Liverpool to have its name inscribed in stone.


    Rob Ainsworth

    Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society
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  2. Hello Rob,

    There is an Elbow Lane in Formby; sometimes people put Liverpool at the end of a Formby address, although Formby was in Lancashire until 1974; Formby has a L37 postcode



  3. Up until two years ago, I lived in Sweeting Street, in a building that was formerly a cotton warehouse. The street was frequently used as a film set, as it was very dark and victorian looking. Most recently it was used in a 'Hovis' bread advert, the first twelve seconds of which show Sweeting's a link

    Weirdly enough my doctor's is the Elbow Lane in Formby!

    Hope this helps!