Saturday, 19 February 2011

Malone Paper Company

Dear Webmaster
I recently visited Liverpool in order to trace birth relatives and in particular was trying to trace a lady called Dorothy Malone. I used to visit her at her company which was located in a street off Church Street (heading towards Central Station, the street would have been on the right). The street and the buildings on it appear to have been demolished as it is now a pedestrianised area with new retail outlets etc.
I believe that she owned a paper company and her offices were on the first floor of the building. It may have been called the Malone Paper Company. I have contacted company records in London but without the full name and address of the company, they have been unable to help.
Could you let me know if a map exists of the roads around Church Street in the fiftees/early sixtees. Also, are there any records kept in Liverpool of companies that existed in the Church Street area at that time that may help me to locate the exact name of the company.
Thank you very much for your help.
Pat newland


  1. Hello,

    I cannot recall any demolitions on the right of Churh Street but there have been some on Lord Street (Liverpool One development). Do you mean this street?

    Rob Ainsworth
    Liverpool History Society

  2. “Malone Paper Co”

    The correct name was W.F. Malone & Co Ltd. They were based in School Lane, between The Bluecoat and Paradise Street. I remember that you went downstairs to order paper but they may have occupied the whole building. Mrs Malone was in charge. I lost touch in 1966 so have no idea if they moved elsewhere.

    Hope this may be of some interest and apologise for my unprofessional contact with you.

    John Carruthers

  3. Dear Mr Carruthers.

    Thank you so much for your reply.

    I have only just managed to track down your response. This is the first concrete information I have been able to obtain about the Malone Paper Company. I used to visit my aunt, Mrs Malone, there a couple of times a year.

    Do you have any more information about the company and other people who worked there?

    Thank you for your help.

    Pat Newland

  4. Pat,

    The company was indeed W.F.Malone and co founded by my grandfather Bill Malone husband of Dorothy Malone your aunty. The company director became my father in the 1970's who was Geoff Malone. I obviously can answer many many questions, it would appear we are related. I now live down south but visit Liverpool, where I grew up, as much as possible. Feel free to contact me
    E-mail - .It would be good to speak to you I have done a lot recently re family history.


  5. Rob Ainsworth,

    Can you help as you run this website/blog, do you have any contact details for Pat Newland who appears to be a relative of mine.

    Greg Malone

  6. Greg,

    you can only wait until Pat leaves her/his contact details.

    Rob Ainsworth
    Liverpool History Society