Sunday, 20 February 2011

Florence Institute Dingle (Florrie)

Some years ago I received via e-mail from the USA, a photograph of a Baseball team which was based at the Florrie in the early thirties. One of the "boys" on the picture was the sender. 
Sadly he must have died as I lost contact. And due to changes to computers etc I no longer have the picture or the man's name.

My point being, that as one who played some baseball in Liverpool in the 1940s, I was not aware the Florrie ever had such a team. 
One of life's little mysteries I suppose.

Denys Owen

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  1. The block of buildings in the 30s between Wellington rd and Beresford rd ,was The Beresford pub then Compton dairy, a residence then ,Thomases a Tinsmiths then a long passage way leading up to 405 Mill st situated right at the back of the Florie Then the stables Jenkins the funeral directors then the Florence Institute ,I was born at the back of the Florie 1920s my play centre,joe