Thursday, 24 February 2011


Where was the area of Liverpool that was known, in mid-Victorian times as ‘Montpellier’ – a common description at the time of more salubrious areas. It may have been in Everton?

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  1. John Atherton in partnership with his son-in-law wm Rowson formed a development Partnership to build villas in New Brighton c. 1830′s. Atherton’s family Home was in Everton where he had previousley spent time on Building Development. At that time (prior to acquiring land on the opposite shore), it was felt a healthier option to reside away from the city, where there was sea-bathing and lack of the then slum-dwellings.

    Everton was a very desirable place to live. Atherton & Rowson followed through their aspirations for the Wallasey shoreline, (New Brighton). First of all he developed along Albion St, which lead to Montpelier Terrace (above what is now Warren Dr). This may have been named after a similar development aspiration in Liverpool.

    John Atherton died in 1838,

    Although I do not have a copy, see: The Rise & Progress of Wallasey by R Stewart Brown?

    Cynthia Stonall