Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Compton Arms Liverpool


I have a picture of a pub which I think is called the Compton Arms
in Liverpool - the photo shows the pub being on the corner of Compton Street
and I am not sure of the other street.

I don't think its the Compton Hotel but I would be interested in any
information you can give me on it - my husbands grandfather was the
publican of this establishment for quite a few years and he is standing outside

Ann Lymer


  1. Dear Anne,

    thank you for sending me a copy of the very interesting photograph of John Lymer and the Compton Arms. From the little information I can glean the pub and the entire area was demolished in the 1970`s with a new housing estate (Queens Road) built on the site. I contacted someone who lived in the area and was informed the last owner moved across the River Mersey to Birkenhead, but I do not know if it was John Lymster. The pub house opposite was called "the Peel". The photograph shows Compton Street and the Junction of Whitefield Road.

    The pub was owned by Robinsons Brewery of Stockport. William Robinson bought the Unicorn Inn in Stockport in 1838 and his son, Frederic, began brewing in 1865, creating the foundations for this regional brewer, still family-run by the fifth and sixth generations of Robinson’s. With an estate of more than 400 pubs in the North West, and beers increasingly available nationally, Robinson’s is still firmly established as a major brewer in the region.


    Rob Ainsworth
    Liverpool History Society

  2. Thank you Rob for the information - very interesting.

    Was the pub called The Compton Arms? It is very hard to read. I know that
    my father-in-law lived there with his many siblings and went on to work in the
    Liverpool docks before going overseas to serve and then moving to Essex.

    Such a shame that it no longer stands in that spot, but I guess that is progress.
    I'm not sure when the picture was taken but maybe in the 1920's, 30's.


  3. Dear Ann,

    using the 1964 Kelly Directory for Liverpool there is of mention of the pub and I suspect it may have been a victim of the Blitz in Liverpool during WWII as the area suffered greatly during the war. I will keep looking to see what other information I can find.

    I think the photograph dates from the 1930`s.


    Rob Ainsworth

    Web Administrator
    Liverpool History Society

  4. In 1909 60 Compton Street was the Victoria Hotel and run by Joshua Pearce as tenant of Robinsons Brewery, & later owned by Ind Coope. It was on the corner of Whitefield Rd.

    I would suspect the information that the company was the Stockport-based one, as I am pretty sure they have never traded in Liverpool. There were others, such as the local one of that name trading as Soho Brewery in Soho St. until 1920. The words ‘Liverpool Mild’ on the side elevation may be a clue!