Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lovell and Christmas

I wonder if you have any information or photographs about Lovell and Christmas, a noted Liverpool Provision Merchants c 1891onwards? I believe they were in Dale St. but I have been unable to research theuir history any further or find a map showing Dale St. 
My father was an apprentice or shop assistant there 1891 -1900 approx. 
Thank you . 
Mary Holborow (lincoln)

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  1. Hi Mary.

    I currently have a copy of Gore’s directory of Liverpool for 1900 (in disc format), and the company you require, are not listed in Liverpool at that time.
    An original Gore’s directory in book form, which lists all persons, streets, and company’s etc. will set you back a three figure sum these days. If you look around places like Ebay etc, some enterprising spark has transfered a whole load of Gore’s Liverpool directories onto disc, and are available for a reasonable cost of approximately £5.

    Also. If you require a map of the Dale St. area, a number of old Ordnance Survey maps of Liverpool, have recenty started a re-print, and are available for something in the region of £2.50-£3.00.


    Liverpool (Dale St) 1848-64

    Liverpool Central 1906
    Liverpool (North) 1906

    I can apreciate that the dates of those maps don’t hit your exact target, date wise, but are a good option, and are quite detailed.

    The first map is in more detail than the latter two. The latter two have Dale St split, going off the top of one map, and onto the bottom of the other.

    I hope that’s of assistance for you.