Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sedley St

Can anyone tell me which row of houses backed on directly to Sedley St. 
I particularly want to know which houses backed on to 70 -74 Sedley Street as they were bombed in the war?
Kind regards,
C Kenny


  1. Hello

    There are two Sedley Streets,one is off West Derby Road the other off Edge Lane.

    Rob Ainsworth

    Livepool History Society

  2. Hi Rob,

    it is Sedley Street in Anfield Liverpool 6, so I think it would be off West Derby Road.

    I have found that number 74 Sedley Street was bombed in 1941 and so were the houses at the back of Sedley Street. I have found Pendennis Street is at the back of Sedley Street but cant find a record of George Jones being killed in the bombing, so wonder if I have the street name correct.

    I am told there was another street there which wasn't rebuilt but cant find a 1940's map to find out the name of that street. I would be grateful for any help or ideas you may have,
    best wishes,


  3. Hello Christina,

    you will have to enquire with the Liverpool Record Office for casualties of the WW2 bombing of Liverpool who will have a record.

    Rob Ainsworth

    Livepool History Society